Home Business Foreign trips to be easier for dollar account holders

Foreign trips to be easier for dollar account holders

Foreign trips to be easier for dollar account holders

Desk Report, sukhabor.com: International account holders will not have to endorse their international cards on passports while travelling abroad. But for carrying cash, dollar endorsement will be necessary as before, says a circular of the Bangladesh Bank.

The central bank’s Foreign Exchange Policy Department issued a circular in this regard on Thursday.

The circular said at present, Bangladeshis who do not hold foreign passports require endorsement in their passports for carrying US dollars in cash or in international cards to meet travel expenses.

However, such endorsement will not be required for those having private currency accounts and resident foreign currency deposit accounts.

These account holders include Bangladeshi nationals residing abroad, foreign companies and citizens, diplomats, Bangladeshi nationals working for foreign institutions inside the country.

Diplomats, Privileged persons, UN personnel, government officials travelling on official duties do not require to have their passports endorsed for carrying money.

In case of travel to Saarc countries and Myanmar, a maximum of $5,000 or equivalent amount of currency can be endorsed for one calendar year. Outside of Saarc countries, this amount is $6,000.

For children under 12 years of age, the required amount would be half.

For resident Bangladeshi nationals going abroad against a one-way ticket for valid job or migration or study purposes, authorised dealers may release the entire unused foreign exchange of the annual travel entitlement of the person concerned in a calendar year.


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